“Mind Vs. Heart” by Tyler Sorrell

Vibe & Enjoy

We’re strong, yet so weak.
What is it that we seek?
Together we’re made for each other, but when separated, we can’t be.
Decisions become our pain.
The flow of it all rests in our soul. Whether or not we stop them both, the consequences have already been made known.

Cliche it may be, everything happens for reasons unknown, although every reason is shown.
We’re blinded by our heart, for the light it brings is full grown.
Our minds simply complicate the barriers in which we unwillingly seek.
Once we’re confused about our next motion, that’s when we’ve hit our peak.

Should we fall back and let the energy that’s brought us here attempt to bring us back…
Should we move ahead and not look back upon what we’re leaving behind instead.
Confusing it may be, the decision between mind and heart, yet it’s a status in which we live for, for it’ll never be apart.

Time goes by at the same rate, so why does it seem like things go faster than before.
Are we just caught up in the moments we still think about or is this a mind game of tug of war.
Whether you’re thinking for yourself or another, the choice is made for you.
If you’re the type that’s full of regrets, this mind game isn’t for you.
We stick ourselves in these situations, since most of us fight to hold on instead of letting go.

Holding on is a mind trick the heart just can’t take.
Ironically, letting your heart take control may just be the worst mistake.
How to chose between the two, is just as hard as letting go…
Why is it that this happens, one may never know…
That’s until you question why things are questioned, such as the things that weren’t questioned before.
Like do you love me anymore, or wondering if you’re a pimp or whore.
We waste time keeping track of the moments when both our mind and hearts became sore.

The race to find out which is right will probably result in gore.
The finish line position is up to you, whether it ends or begins more.



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