Life’s Room

Sitting in a room where life stares me in the face.
The only question that echoes is “Am I sitting in the right place.”
The corner seems safe, with a bucket ready for the rain.
The middle seems concentrated, full of nothing but pain.
There’s a lot of space in here, but each space has a stain.
I’m looking for a clear path, but nothing here is straight.
Crooked emotions.
Unbalanced feelings.
The sight is so confusing.
Mirrors all round me, but my reflection’s never showing.
Where should I be in life,
Secluded in the depths of another?
Center of the stage pouring bottles of whatever?
For now I’m stuck in this room where life may stare at me forever.


Deadly Motivation

I was in love with my motivation,
Then it died away.
Now my plans won’t see the light of day.
The outlooks on my life paints shades of grey.
To make it to my dreams, there’s nothing left to say.
One day you’re here, the next your gone, that’s my favorite song.
You can see it in my motions that there’s something wrong.
I look around and see contradictions,
But not from my enemies.
The ones that’s on my side can’t be friends of me.

From this position, I may never see the next.
From this chapter, my next might just be my ex.
Where I want to be is where I’m needed, but I’ll never make it.
The motivations gone, and so am I, I guess it’s time to face it.

Misunderstand Ignorance

Briefing: What I have for everyone tonight is a story. Not only is it another poem, but it’s my story. From start to finish, I tell who I am and how I was. I speak upon the reason I’m here today and tomorrow. If interpreted correctly, you’ll understand the ignorance I once misunderstood.

Misunderstanding Ignorance.

Life seemed surreal.
Simplistic complication.
Surrounded by my own ignorance,
My knowledge was blatant.

Adjacent to lives so affable.
Among their smiles and their joy.
Blood was merely a fantasy of pure tangle.
These windows of mine brought in a distracting, yet beautiful glare…
One with sorrow awaiting to deploy.

Juvenile without the delinquency.
My shine began to dim frequently.
Voyaging from dwelling to dwelling.
My ideal domicile no longer existed.
Unless two cents of mine helped create a dollar of theirs, they were never accepted.
Life started taking off from me, my father left, but ignorance saved me from being neglected.
My hind eyes were never revealed, so forward I remained.
From there, amid third and sixth, my grade was the only thing enhancing what has changed.

The rays of the sun above created shadows of what I soon became.
A misfit with growing integrity, yet to others a delinquent that drives the world insane.
Misguided by my own ignorance.
Fraudulent statements knocked me down.
The love between my blood and I fell beneath ground.
The crave to be planted lower emerged, although attempts never sprouted.

Another man’s blood became mine.
Stood by each other as brethren of different breeds, yet with only one name.
Inseparable, for we were the same.
There were more of our kind.
They were the only others we paid mind.
We were the only cartel to stay loyal.
In our minds we were royal.

Surrounded by ignorance, the light at the end of the tunnel seemed to be getting closer and closer.
Humble, I became.
The fraudulence washed away.
Honesty kept me sane.
Within respect is where I lay.
Loyalty became my definition.
Supporting the needs of my kindred was my motivation.

Within the inception, I was defeated.
Society’s happiness kept me down with my head highly seated.
Simplistic complications.
I was loved, yet it was distant.
I was only happy due to the ignorance of the sorrow I never felt…

Ignorance is irrelevant.
Knowledge keeps me sane.
Life, then, was misunderstood.
Now I float within a different plane.
Lies are non-existant.
For they were once all I knew.
Now I live a life of honest and respect.
Realizing my mind continuously grew.
No more pain based off unwillingly accepting what’s no longer there.
No more representing for those who no longer care.
No more being seen as some one used as someone else to compare.
Realize that ignorance is no longer allowed from my soles to my hair.