“The Loving” by Tyler Sorrell

I hear you calling for me.
To love you another day.
Embrace it a better way.

The love we have is tainted.
The bigger picture hasn’t been painted.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.

Someone new to share what’s new.
I want to get past the things you knew.
Let’s create something true.

You’re the one I’ll spoil.
Lavender dreams and purple oil.
Love set to a boil.

Let’s spark and ignite.
We can ride all night.
You can be mine tonight.

Those sights you’ve never seen.
Places you’ve never been.
My love can never end.


“The Lost” by Tyler Sorrell

Losing people can change how you feel about those still around.
Mainly yourself and your position.
How you perceive others perceiving you.
The way you move along your path, hoping others forget to intersect.

Losing people helps you find yourself.
Realizing moments never last.
Never will I touch the past.
Time goes by fast, racing through this eternity…
Full of the intangible.
Wishing the thoughts were unimaginable.

The senses of it all.
The smell of the joyless teardrops.
The sound of weeps; celebratory sobs.
The sight of a soul lost….
Tasting the hope lost.
Feeling the lost hope.

Losing people can change how you love.
Reconnecting with the Man above.
Asking for guidance, a shove.
Praying to survive, surviving to pray another day.
To see your pretty face.
To feel the Lords grace.

Hoping to reach these dreams.
Destined to shine, create a couple beams.
Support those until the support glows.

“Your Energy” by Tyler Sorrell

Infatuated by your energy.
You know…
The highs and lows.
This current circuit graces my heart.
You energy…
I love they way it flows.

You give me the spark.
That flame…
It burns gentle light into the dark.
Exposing what’s true.
The energy I have for you.

Your vibrations sing.
I dance along their wave.
It’s frequency heals;
Amplifying your energy brings chills.
Graceful thrills.
Your energy takes me;
Head over hills.

“Gunshots” by Tyler Sorrell

All I hear is gunshots.
Followed by tires screeching.
Is my heart beating?

All I hear is gunshots.
Followed by love lost;
Lost love.

We ask the world if they care about our lives.
Have we asked ourselves, if we care about our lives.
The bloodshed simply doesn’t mix.
A broken heart never has a fix.

All I hear is gunshots.
Misguided from the start.
It’s cold how we tear us apart.

And then there’s silence…
Followed by silence.