“Some Days…” By Tyler Sorrell

Some days I just want to die.

This thought comes and goes.
Will I make it to see 21.
Really, nobody knows.
I was raised by the doubts.
I was respected by none.
True love from my peers.
Now there’s true love for a gun.

I live a good life.
I live my own way.
I live questioning my time of day.
Is it my time to shine?
Is it my time to love?
Is it my time to prove I get no help from above?

There’s a legacy within me.
I am greatness.
I am a king.
I am man.
I am not the average human being.

I have hope.
I have faith.
I have what it takes to move forward and maintain my space.

Some days I give up.
Some days I want out of this race.
Sometimes I wish I could just take a break.

We start just to end,
I just hope my ending doesn’t come too soon.
I have too much bring forth to my people with or without a silver spoon.
I have faith in the love that I may never get to share.
The one I love the most is gone,
So why am I still here?

Some days I just want to die.
This thoughts comes and goes.
So just promise me you’ll remember me,
When I’m gone I hope you’re not the only one that knows.

When The Past Is The Past

I’ve made so many mistakes.

My regrets get thrown in my face.
The past can never just be the past.
It keeps up in my race.
The truth hurts me most.
Even the truth I embrace.
Everything goes downhill.
Everyone can’t love the same love.
I try to move forward without help from above.
My pride might keep me alive.
My guilt can kill me with ease.
I wish we could move on,
I wish we could just find peace.
I know I’ve hurt you the most.
Well that hurts me the most.
Death replays the moment I abandoned my post.
Chest pains from the thought.
My heart hurts a lot.
I wish these memories would turn over and rot.
I wish I could say, “you’re all I got.”
I remember when that was the truth.
I remember our smiles and joy.
I wish I never said the things I said when I was just a young boy.
They say the past is the past.
That thought process will never last.
The thought process of losing you all over again makes my mind run fast.
I may never catch up.
I know there’s no hope.
I know you won’t let my prove that things will never be the same as before.
You still belittle the love that we had.
I still can’t replenish our trust.
You say young love doesn’t count.
I still know having you is a must
I hate how you feel.
I wish you knew all the misery that I felt.
I wish there was a way, I could reshuffle the cards I played before my hand was ever dealt.

“Sail Soul” – Tyler Sorrell

There’s fish in the seas,
We don’t have to cast lines.
We don’t have to use bait,
Some fish can’t make up their minds.

Those that jump in the boat,
Are first to get seasoned,
Falling stereotype to the season,
Simply here for no reason.

When a line gets cast,
More time may past. 
There’s determination in hoping a bond can last.
We may lack quality communication due to things not moving so fast.
Let’s be patient, we crave to love that’s too vast.

When the fish don’t bite,
Time feels so wasted.
Some won’t sail out for weeks,
Some feel dominated.
We can sail another sea,
Enjoy the foreign quality we may see.
 Others may just set sail another day.
Hoping to these fish respond a brighter way.

If we can’t reel them in,
It’s time to move on.
There’s quantity within the mystery.
The lust is blind, they could be you’re one or your enemy.

If I set out to sail,
I hope I see you alone.
I hope swim to my zone.
I Hope that before the sun is gone,
I’ll  catch the fish worth taking home.

“When She’s Gone” By Tyler Sorrell

I just want to talk to you.

I just want to walk to you.
I just want to spend a little time.
Share some sunshine.

If there’s anyway I can speak to you.
Lately, I’m just trying to be with you.
I just want to spend a little time.
Mix some vocal rhymes.

I just want to connect with you.
I just want to be within reach of you.
It’s been so long, since we’ve seen eye to eye.
It’s been too long since our last goodbye.

I just want you to know you’re loved.
I just want you to know you’re the definition of being loved.
The meaning behind it all,
You’re my rise and fall.

I just wish we could speak again.
I just hope to see your face again.
Why would they take you away, 
I just want to know that you’re okay.

~You’re Forevever Loved,
   Arielle Olivia Shepherd 🌹

“Rose” by Tyler Sorrell

Roses are special.

Their petals fall daily.
Dangerous lovers.
Made to attract and kill the ladies.
That’s abundant love.
The sex.
The lust.
That’s the pleading shove.
The death.
The dust.
Simplifies all purity.
We love.
We trust.
Significance so submissive.
The rose can symbolize us.

Old to me,
new to you.


“This Woman” by Tyler Sorrell

Beautiful blooms.

This flower smiles.
Blinding beauty shines for miles.
Dangerous laughter.
This woman glows.
Happiness is bliss, embrace it all before it goes.
As the rain falls, and clouds turn sky’s dark blue. 
We can count on this flower’s colors to shine true.
As screams of laughter turn screams of sorrow.
We can count of this woman to bring the happiness of tomorrow.
Love is deep.
Life is hard.
When the lies appear the truth is never far.
The world is what you deserve, and a life worth living.
Let your smile bloom from all the happiness that’s being given.
Keep your smile & don’t let anyone take it away.