When The Past Is The Past

I’ve made so many mistakes.

My regrets get thrown in my face.
The past can never just be the past.
It keeps up in my race.
The truth hurts me most.
Even the truth I embrace.
Everything goes downhill.
Everyone can’t love the same love.
I try to move forward without help from above.
My pride might keep me alive.
My guilt can kill me with ease.
I wish we could move on,
I wish we could just find peace.
I know I’ve hurt you the most.
Well that hurts me the most.
Death replays the moment I abandoned my post.
Chest pains from the thought.
My heart hurts a lot.
I wish these memories would turn over and rot.
I wish I could say, “you’re all I got.”
I remember when that was the truth.
I remember our smiles and joy.
I wish I never said the things I said when I was just a young boy.
They say the past is the past.
That thought process will never last.
The thought process of losing you all over again makes my mind run fast.
I may never catch up.
I know there’s no hope.
I know you won’t let my prove that things will never be the same as before.
You still belittle the love that we had.
I still can’t replenish our trust.
You say young love doesn’t count.
I still know having you is a must
I hate how you feel.
I wish you knew all the misery that I felt.
I wish there was a way, I could reshuffle the cards I played before my hand was ever dealt.


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