“This Venture” 

Written from the back of a van.
No seat belts,
Hardly enough oxygen.

Life looking out the windows.

I see the lights and billboards.
They see me too.
Some go away
I see what may not see me, since eye contact isn’t within leveling anymore.
Only thing between us is this metal door.
Let’s keep it that way.
I’ve witnessed the sky’s color change.
The bright blues–the dark.
The clouds have disappeared, but the sky is still the sky even when their apart.
The trees within sight have become shadows of height.
Growing tall as my own, the darkness of my life, it may reach;
It might.
Volunteering to be here, I still feel captive.
I understand the average hostage with these sorrows I feel.
Disregarding how fast I move though these conditions, I’m in one spot; wishing there was a destination to reach of my own.
I’m not in control of this ride, although I’ve purchased the ticket and own this vehicle of life.
It’s those around me navigating my course.
I support their decisions.
I may not follow, but tagging along their ventures bring us closer with precision. 

“When Blind.” By Tyler Sorrell

How does it feel to be blind but still able to see straight?

How does it feel able to know where you’re headed without guidance or navigation?

I may never know.

Blind eyes feel what’s still there.
The sense of smell and taste keep you on the track you were unaware of ever railed.
You hear the things that’s needed, no longer what’s emotionally wanted.
Where you’re headed from here,
You may never know.

When the independent accepts dependence, their worlds shift.
Stress cause the mind the drift, the heart finds the nearest cliff. 
Some days they wish the end was near…
Just to feel it, taste it, and even smell it.
They hear it in their minds…
Who’s the one telling them,
They may never know.

Somehow it’s those we depend on that can’t see, just as much as we never did. 
Whether it’s the love we can’t share or the trust that doesn’t truly exist.
It may be the lust of wanting what’s never needed, or the love of thinking we need what truly isn’t wanted.
Will we ever see eye to eye, although our sight will never be compatible to survive with one another?
We may never know…

How does it feel, taste, smell, and sound to believe what I’ll never see what’s right in front of me.
Whether it’s the goals of my life,
Or the love of my life. 
What about the dangers that I’ve never been introduced to;
Will I recognize the evil around?
Will they smell a certain way, or make a certain sound?
Could I survive on my own if I was all that was left?
I truly wish I knew.

“Ride” by Tyler Sorrell

In my most silent moments are you going to be there to listen to what’s never been said…

In solitude within my mind. 
Alone within the world.
Black walls, red paint bleeding through my darkness.
Sad when there’s no one you can turn to when your moments start to seem like your darkest…
Crying rivers of truth… 
Lying in the dirt of disrespect, kicking it in the air hoping it’ll all turn to dust.
Wishing to find out where all the love went, since in these modern days everyone’s looking for the lust.
Finding out our place in this society we call life is a must, but we can’t do it alone; can’t do it without trust…
Can you listen to my words without all the fuss?
Will you be faithful to the love that’s between the two of us?
Would you stay loyal to the one person that’s always by your side…
Patience is of virtue, prove your worth and you might just be around for the ride.

“Wish You Knew” by Tyler Sorrell

Sometimes I think about you…

Thinking about me…
Wanting me, for me…

That thought, it dies when I see you…
Talking to another…
Why do I bother?

Everyday I wish you knew…
How I feel about you…
Why I need you…

Those days are in the past…
You lied…
I tried…
We died.

Sometimes I think about you…
Thinking about us…
Loving the lust.

That thought gives me a rush…
I question our trust…
Why did we rush?

Everyday I wish you knew…
I’m not the one for you…
What we have can’t be true.
Written 4/12/13