“Second Time Around” by Tyler Sorrell

You’re worth it.

You know you are.

A star;

You’re far yet you shine bright;

You seem close.
You should be;

Over there isn’t anywhere.

Let’s make use of our wasted time that’s left to spare.

For you, I’ll spend it everywhere.
Prince Charming may compare;

Prince Charming’s fictional care couldn’t uphold your heir.

It’s those golden curls in your hair; it’s those diamond eyes; your platinum soul.

You’re Prince Charming’s goal.
A role;

At this time I want not one.

If not that one.

If not the only one.

Our story hasn’t begun.

Until we’re close enough hear the vocals that were never sung.
Limits were never set.

Boundary lines never met;

No connect.

I can’t regret pushing a bar;

To that, I won’t commit.
You deserve all respect.

My dreams I can’t neglect.

The knowledge that I have;

I serve; I protect.

Your demands; your love.

I want; you object.
I can’t be upset.

These actions; I expect.

My motives for greatness; you reject.

Your existence; you eject.

All the knowledge; I wish I kept.
You’ve spoken hidden words; I’ll keep your secret.

I could chase; my pride won’t let me yet.

You’ve disappeared; took off like a jet. 

Don’t leave me hanging; For you, I’ll be more than perfect.


“Things to Say.. [PT. 2]” by Tyler Sorrell

There’s some things my pride won’t let me show.

On top of that, there’s some things you’ll never know.

Along with that, you might as well let me go.

If it’s a chase you want; in this game I’ll purposely  move slow.
There’s some places I’d still love to take you.

We can enjoy the view.

We; I mean us; meaning me and you.

We can do what you want to do.


You can do what you want to do.
There’s an opportunity I’d like to take on.

A challenge; you’re someone I’ve dreamed of calling the only one.

This game has yet to start, and you’ve already won.

But I don’t give up all that easily; even when the day is done.

“Her Inner Ocean” By Tyler Sorrell

There’s ocean within you, 

Allow me to swim through the tightness of your current. 

Accept my strokes along your wave. 

Let me sink deep into your waters; 

I’ll never wash away. 

Can I go deep sea? 

I’m not afraid to drown. 

I can be your favorite serpent, I’ll caress your shallow ground. 

Your high tide is all I need, I’ll drift in and out of sweet water beach.

 Let me plunge. 

I want your wetness in my lung. 

I want you to soak up my tongue. 

I’ll float to you tonight. 

Can I float in you all night?

“Dreams of You” by Tyler Sorrell

I dreamt of you the other day.Fell into deep sleep,

Visions of you are so sweet.
Darkness surrounded it’s beginning.

Stumbled upon a flashlight,

Now our path’s right.
I’ve planned this dream months ago.

You’d find your way to me.

I’d find a way to create us.
Having you is a must,

Let’s create love out of lust,

Don’t fight it, don’t fuss.
You resemble perfection here.

Your skills of seduction; I won’t abuse.

It’s you who I’ve been waiting to choose.

You’re an opportunity I’d hate to lose.
From the darkness of our start,

Our connection was blind, yet never apart.

You couldn’t be mine in reality, only within my heart.
Ive been dreaming of you for years.

You’re my ideal love.

I know you were sent from above.
Your beauty blinds my soul.

You’re worth my lost of vision.
Your attitude scars my mind.

You’re worth the mental pain.
Your potential poisons my heart.

You’re worth the deadly strain.
I’ve dreamt of you all of my life.

Let’s turn dreams into reality.

I’ll prove your worth with me.

“Siren Lust” by Tyler Sorrell

Some days I don’t understand myself.

How can I be who I am?

Why can’t I be me for you?

Is it because of the obstacles ahead?

Are you afraid of leading my love into your head?

Some days I understand myself completely.

I know what I want.

I know where I’m headed.

I know I can treat you better than he can.

Then I realized you’ll probably never your man.

From the beginning, I thought I understood you the most.

You’ve been hurt so much it’s hidden.

Love lost; lost friends; all forgiven. 

You’re a queen with emotions locked away behind as key.

That lock belongs to a broken door.

It should belong to me.

As of now, I believe I understand you completely.

Your seductive ways lure the entertainment you seek.

Love between you and him has reached its peek.

You lured me in; now in our potential I may sink.

Even if I’m the one for you; your love for him won’t unlink.

You resemble a dream; and now a nightmare as well.

If these thoughts come from the devil;

It’s confusing here in hell.

You’re an opportunity;

You could be a goal.

I’m seeking unity;

You match what’s missing from my soul.

“Ode To Arielle” by Tyler Sorrell

It’s me again.

Taking the time I gain,

To reduce all the pain,

Hopefully I can stay sane.

I still see your beautiful mane,

The smile is still the same,

Those days we blew our Mary Jane,

Our memories keep me sane.

I still hear your beautiful name.

Good thing it’s never spelt the same,

Neither pronounced through the length-wave,

It’d truly drive me insane.

Our love has fame.

It’s something they wish I’d tame.

You’re the heart on my sleeve, permanently there, you’ll remain.

One day we’ll spark our next flame.

Until the day I don’t remember the pain.

This is the reminder of love, until I see you again.