“The Plug [PT. 2]” by Tyler Sorrell



Pack lands in two days or its outdated.


Money is the motive.

I’m your local locomotive.

Brick by brick;

The clock’ll tick.

Which flavor will you pick?

Be my green goddess;

Become my Maui wowi Queen.

Let’s slumber on this blue dream;

Let’s swim through Ms. Irene.

We deserve the finer things.

The money you talk…

Can it walk?

The money you take…

Can you make?

The plug lifestyle…

Do you live?

The profit you make…

Can you give?


So when can we reup?

Can we link?

When can we plug up?

Can we meet?

You got what I want.

It’s what I need.

Let’s scale out my half,

I’ll sell you my time.

I’ll front you my mind.

Fall in love with the grind.

We’ll make enough to unwind.


Love Again / Alive Again

I want to love again. Things haven’t been the same since she left. Things have been looking left. I was stuck with what was left-not right. Let’s fuss and fight. Let’s disrespect one another into a parley of apologies and make up sex. I crave those moments I can’t stop looking at you. Simply in awe; simply amazed; simply glad to be able to love. You have flaws. You’ve been abused by the confused. Your insecurities take over your mind-not mine. You’re a masterpiece in my mind. I want to know you’re mine. I want to be the love you wish to find. I’ll bring the world to you. I’ll be the world to you. I’ll run the world with you-we can. I miss love. I miss feeling love. I miss sharing love and seeing love–I’m paralyzed and blind. It runs through my brain from the blood vessels within; it pumps through my heart; it bleeds from my soul–I need it to survive. I need love to feel alive.I need love to want to be alive. I wish my love was still alive.

“Love & Happiness” by Tyler Sorrell

There’s love in the air.I’m grasping for this beautiful oxygen; for me there’s none to spare.
There’s happiness up there.

I’m reaching for this graceful opportunity to smile once more; for me, there’s to be nothing but gore.
I just want to love again.

I crave the impossible.
I just want to love again.

Your exit was unstoppable.
When there’s love in the air,

My life’s on the line for the feeling.

I can show you the meaning,

I can tell you the living.
When there’s happiness near,

My soul seems to disappear.

I get so close–it seems far.

I’ve come so far–nobody’s close.