“Who?” – Tyler Sorrell

Who to call when it’s time to execute the plan?Call log full of apostates.

Recent rings from across state.

Trust is uncommon with our stakes.

We drown in depth of these shallow lakes.
Who to call when it’s to settle down?

What’s the word around town,

You’re never around.

When it comes time to clown,

I smile; you choose to frown.

Yet you malign about newcomers that I’m sure to have found.
Who to call when the end is near?

The sequel is clear,

Your originality will soon disappear.

You could’ve been my everyday peer,

That’s until I witnessed my words go through your ear to ear.

Wasting time on wasted time is all I fear.

Your existence has become so mere.
Who to call when a life is on the line?

Whether it’s yours or mine,

Who’s going to pick up all the time?

If the right calls are made, 

Will there be no resistance?

Will you show some persistence?

Can you cherish existence?

If either of us can’t manage to move forward; who can handle the incompetence;

Who’s going to visit the spiritless just to talk about about the beautiful memories and reminisce?

You can give me a call.

I know you can’t say the same.

As these questions go unanswered,

Alone one shall remain.