“Potential” written by Tyler Sorrell

Potential.That’s what I admire most in women.

More than less of what’s expected if their minds are open.

That’s what I see when you see me,

Drifting off into our dream that I would turn into reality.

It’s what keeps me here when I’m not there.

Even when you’re never here, I’m going no where.

When I met you, I saw life,

Not just an irreplaceably beautiful woman.
And that smile.

No matter how far it is,

I’ll walk every mile.


“Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Fine.” By Tyler Sorrell

I’m back searching for love.Something I thought I’d never lose.


Could’ve stayed true, but you’ve only been serving the blues.


Led us to part, even at the start.

Your mind was smart, but not so much your heart.

Your love was strong, but not so much your faith.

Why couldn’t we have waited for time, instead of racing to its waste.

Now we’ve run out of time, our love has run out of space.


It is written there.

On both yours and mine.

One of our favorite lines,

The lie.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.”