“Reality Check” by Tyler Sorrell

Reality check.

There’s no going back.

There’s no coming back.

What’s back there’s what we lack.

The connection.

There’s no eye to eye.

There’s no hello or goodbye.

We’re serving lost love on rye.

This love.

There no love anymore.

There’s no smiles to adore.

Where’s the nearest door?

Reality check.

This isn’t pretend.

You’re more than a friend,

But this is the end.


“First & Forevermore” by Tyler Sorrell

When I’m sleep, 

And my phone rings,

I always hope it’s you my eyes see.

At least your name on the screen,

Better yet, your voice through the speaker.

When I’m unaware, 

Looking forward not back,

And someone screams my name from a far.

I always hope it’s you I turn to.

At least from across the street,

Or along the median for us to meet.

Better yet, right behind me so I no longer have to seek.

When I’m lost,

And my direction isn’t clear.

I always hope it’ll be you who guides me.

At least around the obstacles & barriers,

Or straight to my destination.

Better yet, wherever you want to go.

I always wish it’s you

Although it won’t be, I know.

With my eyes closed or in wonder,

I always wish it you I see first, forevermore.