“Bonnie & Clyde” by Tyler Sorrell

I want to be down.
Let’s ride brand new.
Just us two.
You know,
A me and you.

I want to be down.

For when everything goes up.

I’m a King that needs a Queen.

You know,

Someone who doesn’t give up.

I want to be down.
With someone that I’ll only lift high.

To the moon and back.

You know,

A love that won’t die.

I want to be down.

No more silent nights alone.

More late nights on the phone.

You know,

Loving harder than stone.

I want to be down.

Let’s make the last go around.

No more acting profound

You know,

 A love worth being found.

I want to be down.

It’s time to commit.

My heart I’ll submit.

You know, 

Give my all and not quit.

I want to be down.

Love from deep down inside.

An everlasting ride.

You know,

Bonnie & Clyde.

“Here Again” by Tyler Sorrell

We’re here again,
Dark spaces with little light where we think we’ve seen it all, 
Yet only fragments have been shown.
Right back where the effort is all distorted and the hands on our clock are now full grown.

Reaching for life, all in this space of emptiness, where we’re full of our nothingness to one another.

Down in the gutter.

I’ve been here many times before, 

You know I’ve been the runner away in this chase of commitment, where along this crash course, it’s the start and finish.
I can’t diminish the good times, the laughs and lusts of intimacy.

Only the faith that it would soon be you always next to me.
I’m simply relinquishing.

We’re right back here again,

Just me and myself, back on upon the bench or shelf, sitting highly yet still stray, never again to see that light of day.

Same place we wished we never see,

In the shadows of the heart that barely pumps the flow of true love through the veins…

Now only distributing pain. 

Hopeful Again by Tyler Sorrell

I’m hopeful again,

During those times I look in your eyes.

It’s no surprise.
There’s so much potential within your soul,

In your mind and heart is where it lies.

Normally I’m all I have,

Everyone usually comes and goes.
My friends turned foes.

I seek you to get high out of my lows.
Your presence is keen to me,

Your smile always brightens the day.

To forever keep you happy, 

I’m sure I’ll find a way.

There’s a route to your heart,

I pace there all the time. 
Hoping this time & effort doesn’t dim out due to how much you gleam and shine.

You wish to find yourself and learn more about you,

I’ll be here by your side,

From our start and all the way through.

I’m hopeful again,

And that’s all thanks to you.
So, no matter who we are to each other,

I’m sure to stay true.

“Things To Say” PT. 3 by Tyler Sorrell

I know I don’t say this often,

But girl you brighten my day.

Like the sunshine, 

And all of its rays.

My heart grins every type of way.

I may not say this often,

But girl you’re one of a kind.

For you, I’d spend all of my time.

What’s mine, is yours, 

In the front and back of my mind.

I know you hear this a lot,

But girl you’re as cute as one can be.

Sweet as sugar in ice tea.

Your touch and your smile completes me.

I know you should hear this more,

But baby girl you’re the one I adore.

The looks you give me when I walk through your door,

The way you walk, talk, everything you do you really makes my heart soar.

I don’t get to say this often,

But, you know, I really should from here on out.

You’re all I’m ever thinking about.

Whether you’re safe, hungry, or sad at a pout,

In one call, I’ll be there for you, no doubt.

Here’s something I’ll be saying a bit more.
Stick around, we have so much in store. 

You and I have this distinctive allure.

As a man, I’m here beside you, or in your corner; you’re the one I’m rooting for.