Hopeful Again by Tyler Sorrell

I’m hopeful again,

During those times I look in your eyes.

It’s no surprise.
There’s so much potential within your soul,

In your mind and heart is where it lies.

Normally I’m all I have,

Everyone usually comes and goes.
My friends turned foes.

I seek you to get high out of my lows.
Your presence is keen to me,

Your smile always brightens the day.

To forever keep you happy, 

I’m sure I’ll find a way.

There’s a route to your heart,

I pace there all the time. 
Hoping this time & effort doesn’t dim out due to how much you gleam and shine.

You wish to find yourself and learn more about you,

I’ll be here by your side,

From our start and all the way through.

I’m hopeful again,

And that’s all thanks to you.
So, no matter who we are to each other,

I’m sure to stay true.


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