“Composure” by Tyler Sorrell

I have to keep so much composer around you.
God sent extra angels just to ground you.

The irony is, as you fell, I am who found you.


You’re so gifted.

That’s why my spirit is always lifted.

When your cheeks reach ear to ear, 

That brings cheer through the year.


I have to keep so much composure when I’m in you’re presence.

I go from King to peasant.

You’re existence is a present to the present. 


You glow when our eyes meet.

That’s what lights the whole city.

We show what the others seek. 

Can’t you see them getting gritty?


All the things I’d normally do.

Along with the things I’d normally say.

They come true with you.

They’re said and done…



I keep composure.

We’re both just searching for closure.

I keep composure.

The irony is you’re only getting closer.


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