Hopeful Again by Tyler Sorrell

I’m hopeful again,

During those times I look in your eyes.

It’s no surprise.
There’s so much potential within your soul,

In your mind and heart is where it lies.

Normally I’m all I have,

Everyone usually comes and goes.
My friends turned foes.

I seek you to get high out of my lows.
Your presence is keen to me,

Your smile always brightens the day.

To forever keep you happy, 

I’m sure I’ll find a way.

There’s a route to your heart,

I pace there all the time. 
Hoping this time & effort doesn’t dim out due to how much you gleam and shine.

You wish to find yourself and learn more about you,

I’ll be here by your side,

From our start and all the way through.

I’m hopeful again,

And that’s all thanks to you.
So, no matter who we are to each other,

I’m sure to stay true.


“Things To Say” PT. 3 by Tyler Sorrell

I know I don’t say this often,

But girl you brighten my day.

Like the sunshine, 

And all of its rays.

My heart grins every type of way.

I may not say this often,

But girl you’re one of a kind.

For you, I’d spend all of my time.

What’s mine, is yours, 

In the front and back of my mind.

I know you hear this a lot,

But girl you’re as cute as one can be.

Sweet as sugar in ice tea.

Your touch and your smile completes me.

I know you should hear this more,

But baby girl you’re the one I adore.

The looks you give me when I walk through your door,

The way you walk, talk, everything you do you really makes my heart soar.

I don’t get to say this often,

But, you know, I really should from here on out.

You’re all I’m ever thinking about.

Whether you’re safe, hungry, or sad at a pout,

In one call, I’ll be there for you, no doubt.

Here’s something I’ll be saying a bit more.
Stick around, we have so much in store. 

You and I have this distinctive allure.

As a man, I’m here beside you, or in your corner; you’re the one I’m rooting for.


“Reality Check” by Tyler Sorrell

Reality check.

There’s no going back.

There’s no coming back.

What’s back there’s what we lack.

The connection.

There’s no eye to eye.

There’s no hello or goodbye.

We’re serving lost love on rye.

This love.

There no love anymore.

There’s no smiles to adore.

Where’s the nearest door?

Reality check.

This isn’t pretend.

You’re more than a friend,

But this is the end.

“First & Forevermore” by Tyler Sorrell

When I’m sleep, 

And my phone rings,

I always hope it’s you my eyes see.

At least your name on the screen,

Better yet, your voice through the speaker.

When I’m unaware, 

Looking forward not back,

And someone screams my name from a far.

I always hope it’s you I turn to.

At least from across the street,

Or along the median for us to meet.

Better yet, right behind me so I no longer have to seek.

When I’m lost,

And my direction isn’t clear.

I always hope it’ll be you who guides me.

At least around the obstacles & barriers,

Or straight to my destination.

Better yet, wherever you want to go.

I always wish it’s you

Although it won’t be, I know.

With my eyes closed or in wonder,

I always wish it you I see first, forevermore.

“Love Exists?” By Tyler Sorrell

Searching for love where it doesn’t exist; here.That’s my reality.

Yours lacks gravity.

What keeps you here, still & in place.

The lust to stay grounded, stable in your own space.

Will there ever be a day that we love face to face,

Without the virtual clicking that my touches replace.
Love exists here, nevermore.

The days before are what I adore.

When we could explore the laughs and the rapid rise of emotion.

To take care of one another and express our true devotion.

Now we can’t even share the same motion without someone signaling us to act upon their notion.

Why can’t love find its way here.

Over there is nowhere, and it stays.

Seeded in the lost world of thought.

Within the cyber world where new love can be bought.

In the tangible world where loveless wars are fought.
Where can love be caught?

“Now-a-Days” by Tyler Sorrell

Now a days,
People won’t help you unless you’re walking dead,

Towards the endless roads of despair,

Gradually losing hair.
Now a days, 

Love has become blind,

For its vision spies no direction.

There’s hate in its reflection.
Now a days,

Yesterday’s are tomorrow.

The past is your future,

The present has no presence.

Now a days,

The truth tells lies.

The lies hold secrets,

All still seen clear within their eyes.
Now a days,

Your enemy is your friend.

Their friends are your enemies…

May the war begin.