“The Plug” by Tyler Sorrell

The plug.
How much?
Sounds good.
Smells good.
The taste?

The profit’s abundant.
Cuties for seven; eight.
Zones two-fifty.
Show love.
Love Shown.
The benefits are abundant.

The sacrifice.
Double by the night.
Triple by the week.
No roaches.
No raid.
The sacrifices?

The plug.
Inputs the Output.
Clouds supply the rain.
Connects relieve the pain.
Purples and green inside the sticky icky strain.
Until supply is gone,
The money is never slain.


To Whom It May Concern

Diary Of An Insomniac

To whom it may concern…
Don’t ever think you go unnoticed
I see you with my eyes
I feel you with my finger tips
I read you with my mind

To whom it may concern…
Stop thinking of yourself as less than
When you were made more than enough
Stop defamating your character
When you are dearly loved

To whom it may concern…
That crinkle by your eyes,
You know, it happens every time you see me
And it always makes me smile

See I never knew I needed you
Because you can’t miss what doesn’t exist
Just know you add value to my life
A debt that I can never pay back
A love I could never resist

To whom it may concern…
Don’t ever think you go unnoticed
I know exactly where you are
Tucked underneath my breast bone
Stamped right on my heart.

*Dedicated to a very…

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“Power” By Tyler Sorrell

We do what we please to survive.
We strive.
To hide what’s deep down inside the we deprive,
From the excitement and the love.
We cherish those above.
We fight to stay safe,
The seizure of the dove.
To live another day.
The goal is to survive.
To strive.
We live with confidence, something we’ll never deprive.

“When You…” By Tyler Sorrell

When you see…
You see hope.
You see life.
The feeling of enhancement.
It’s refreshing.

When I see…
I see us.
They see us.
We see us.
Replaced lust for trust.

That permanent existence;
Your placing in my life,
It’s still and everlasting.

When you find…
Feel the hope.
The life.