“When My Mind’s At a Toss” – Tyler Sorrell

Here is where I don’t want to be,I just can’t leave.

There’s so much to accomplish in the moments that I just can’t breathe.

There’s so much to go after in the moments that I just can’t see.

I get stuck in thoughts that could never be true.

Overwhelmed by the emptiness I wished I got through.

Still in search for the feelings my former lovers all threw…


That’s where I always wish to go.

Not too far, just hidden enough for the, “you’ll never know.”

Somewhere near the clouds that we’re normally so far below.

Then I think of the talents I’m still meant to show.

I recognize the time that I still have to grow.

At times, I just go blind due to the strength of its glow.

No, it’s not everyday anymore that these thoughts come across.

I’ve been exposed to the greatness of my own, sometimes I just feel its at loss.

The late-greats have said it best and I quote:

“I pay the cost to be boss.”

Too look good when I floss…

I have to be the one to catch myself when my mind’s at a toss.


“Maybe” by Tyler Sorrell 

It may look like I’m intoxicated. 
I really wish that was an option, 


You could come over and intoxicate me 

I’m just trying to get high off you.

These city streets aren’t always shady.

I really wish that was the truth, 


You could come out and shed some light.

I’m just trying to shine bright with you.

In the late nights,

I’ll be thinking about you.

Through the long days,

I’ll be thinking about you.

When I’m down and out,

I’ll be thinking about you.

Stayed down, now I’m up;

Somehow I’m still without you.

It may look like I’m so far gone.

I truly wish that wasn’t an option, 


You should come out & send me off.

I’m just trying to get to you.

These hearts don’t have love to share,

I truly wish that wasn’t the truth, 


You should come over and love with me…

I’m just trying to love with you.

“Here Again” by Tyler Sorrell

We’re here again,
Dark spaces with little light where we think we’ve seen it all, 
Yet only fragments have been shown.
Right back where the effort is all distorted and the hands on our clock are now full grown.

Reaching for life, all in this space of emptiness, where we’re full of our nothingness to one another.

Down in the gutter.

I’ve been here many times before, 

You know I’ve been the runner away in this chase of commitment, where along this crash course, it’s the start and finish.
I can’t diminish the good times, the laughs and lusts of intimacy.

Only the faith that it would soon be you always next to me.
I’m simply relinquishing.

We’re right back here again,

Just me and myself, back on upon the bench or shelf, sitting highly yet still stray, never again to see that light of day.

Same place we wished we never see,

In the shadows of the heart that barely pumps the flow of true love through the veins…

Now only distributing pain. 

“Love Exists?” By Tyler Sorrell

Searching for love where it doesn’t exist; here.That’s my reality.

Yours lacks gravity.

What keeps you here, still & in place.

The lust to stay grounded, stable in your own space.

Will there ever be a day that we love face to face,

Without the virtual clicking that my touches replace.
Love exists here, nevermore.

The days before are what I adore.

When we could explore the laughs and the rapid rise of emotion.

To take care of one another and express our true devotion.

Now we can’t even share the same motion without someone signaling us to act upon their notion.

Why can’t love find its way here.

Over there is nowhere, and it stays.

Seeded in the lost world of thought.

Within the cyber world where new love can be bought.

In the tangible world where loveless wars are fought.
Where can love be caught?

“Now-a-Days” by Tyler Sorrell

Now a days,
People won’t help you unless you’re walking dead,

Towards the endless roads of despair,

Gradually losing hair.
Now a days, 

Love has become blind,

For its vision spies no direction.

There’s hate in its reflection.
Now a days,

Yesterday’s are tomorrow.

The past is your future,

The present has no presence.

Now a days,

The truth tells lies.

The lies hold secrets,

All still seen clear within their eyes.
Now a days,

Your enemy is your friend.

Their friends are your enemies…

May the war begin. 

“Will You, For You” by Tyler Sorrell

Found myself alone in a room full of peers.

Talking to myself hoping everyone hears.

I’ve known them all for years,

Some only days.

They haven’t known me for months,

Since I’ve gone back to my ways.
I once turned a new leaf.

Just to make change for the rest.

That time has run up,

In myself I’ll invest.
I’ve looked around to see how familiar things have become,

It’s much more Foriegn here,

Since the day has begun.
I know who I am to manifest to,

The only question left is,

When will you?

For you. 


“Potential” written by Tyler Sorrell

Potential.That’s what I admire most in women.

More than less of what’s expected if their minds are open.

That’s what I see when you see me,

Drifting off into our dream that I would turn into reality.

It’s what keeps me here when I’m not there.

Even when you’re never here, I’m going no where.

When I met you, I saw life,

Not just an irreplaceably beautiful woman.
And that smile.

No matter how far it is,

I’ll walk every mile.