Wasted Contemplation

Seeking life in these deadly hollows.
From time to time my head is full of sorrows.
From the watch of whom does my mind borrows.
Wasted contemplation, revived.

Sometimes it’s hard for one to see inside.
Blind presences are never felt,
Although seen from looking within,
No one can see out.
So from here, within my mind, I scream and shout.
The anger is heard.

Some days the depths of the feelings no longer exist.
Falling lower in subconscious, that consciousness is merely bliss.
Gracefully, moments fade a way, so easily; I forget to miss.
These sorrows trapped inside can’t be sealed with a kiss.
Wasted emotion, deprived.

Seeking life in these deadly hollows.
From time to time my head is full of sorrows.
At the end of time, it’s my mind that’s missing.


The Soul of Hou Prologue: Takeoff Season.

For all of my new followers and vibes, welcome to The Soul of Hou. I’m a young poet originating from Houston, TX, by the name of Tyler Sorrell. What I bring to you all here on WordPress is not only my poetry, it’s my mind. It’s the lifestyle. It’s the reason I’m here. These organized letters from not only poetry, they create vibes. All I ask is to be understood, that and to be recognized for positivity that spreads through the air from what’s read. The Soul of Hou is my way of inducting myself into the greatness of Houston by introducing what my mind has to say as I grow into a position where my soul’s actions will takeover. As an upcoming entrepreneur, there’s lots to come in my future, and as The Soul of Hou‘s mind is spoken, all will be seen and understood.

Love & Appreciation to all of those who read, follow & enjoy The Soul of Hou, there’s always more to come.

Dead Silence by Tyler Sorrell

Sitting in dead silence.
This silence makes me reminisce.
Life swallowed by the black hole, sealed with a kiss.
Deep lies run amongst us, yet ignorance is bliss.
Laying next to a singing bird, while it’s mouth is taped shut.
Watching as it’s song remains unheard.
As it can’t contact it’s other birds.
Listening to it’s unspoken call while it’s mouth is wide open.
Deadly choking; trying to sing it’s beautiful tale.
Muted by life as the silence may tell.
Tapping out of reality before someone could ring the bell.
Then it fell…
Deep into the silence named death.
It was hard watching such beauty take its last breath.

The Mindstate

That feeling…
That deranged mind state when right or wrong no longer exists…
The apprehension of it all is as worthless as what came before that last kiss…
Once introduced to such a state, one may never leave…
The agony can cause convulsions to spread, from words spoken to words heard, within a single breeze.
The demented moment when you no longer care for the souls around, only yours, but hardly…
Some make sacrifices to reach future destinations…
Those of these unhinged thoughts may simply torture another’s motivation and leave it there to suffer and rot…
These psychopathic ways come easy to those in pain and in search for rejuvenation…
Read between their lines and you’ll find the true meanings behind their plot…

For someone or something to merely embrace such daft enthusiastic terms…
One’s heart is sown within their arms…
Pity, some may say, it’s pity…
Others, vengeance…
To them… it’s both.

Mentally stubborn, this state cannot be reached in the way of forgiveness…
For this soul no longer cherishes its previous treasures that has now turned into dust…

Mirrors & Shadows

Unimaginable thoughts.
Unreliable Dreams.
I Hear Someone Speaking.
My Concience Is What It Seems.
I have a friend in the world.
Someone who I could never see.
Yet I see him everyday.
But where the fuck could he be.
As I walk, I feel stalked.
As I run, I feel chased.
I scream unspoken words.
Since no one hears what I say.
I write unprocessed thoughts..
But the ink just runs away.
I start to listen to music, but my songs will never play.
Someone’s toying with my mind.
Or am I just going insane?
I look around to find nothing.
So I Closed My Eyes & Looked Around.
I’m in a room full of mirrors.
But my reflection isn’t seen.
There’s someone in the corner…
Someone I’ve never seen.
Frightened I opened my eyes.
Now all I see is…