“Maybe” by Tyler Sorrell 

It may look like I’m intoxicated. 
I really wish that was an option, 


You could come over and intoxicate me 

I’m just trying to get high off you.

These city streets aren’t always shady.

I really wish that was the truth, 


You could come out and shed some light.

I’m just trying to shine bright with you.

In the late nights,

I’ll be thinking about you.

Through the long days,

I’ll be thinking about you.

When I’m down and out,

I’ll be thinking about you.

Stayed down, now I’m up;

Somehow I’m still without you.

It may look like I’m so far gone.

I truly wish that wasn’t an option, 


You should come out & send me off.

I’m just trying to get to you.

These hearts don’t have love to share,

I truly wish that wasn’t the truth, 


You should come over and love with me…

I’m just trying to love with you.


Hopeful Again by Tyler Sorrell

I’m hopeful again,

During those times I look in your eyes.

It’s no surprise.
There’s so much potential within your soul,

In your mind and heart is where it lies.

Normally I’m all I have,

Everyone usually comes and goes.
My friends turned foes.

I seek you to get high out of my lows.
Your presence is keen to me,

Your smile always brightens the day.

To forever keep you happy, 

I’m sure I’ll find a way.

There’s a route to your heart,

I pace there all the time. 
Hoping this time & effort doesn’t dim out due to how much you gleam and shine.

You wish to find yourself and learn more about you,

I’ll be here by your side,

From our start and all the way through.

I’m hopeful again,

And that’s all thanks to you.
So, no matter who we are to each other,

I’m sure to stay true.

“Things To Say” PT. 3 by Tyler Sorrell

I know I don’t say this often,

But girl you brighten my day.

Like the sunshine, 

And all of its rays.

My heart grins every type of way.

I may not say this often,

But girl you’re one of a kind.

For you, I’d spend all of my time.

What’s mine, is yours, 

In the front and back of my mind.

I know you hear this a lot,

But girl you’re as cute as one can be.

Sweet as sugar in ice tea.

Your touch and your smile completes me.

I know you should hear this more,

But baby girl you’re the one I adore.

The looks you give me when I walk through your door,

The way you walk, talk, everything you do you really makes my heart soar.

I don’t get to say this often,

But, you know, I really should from here on out.

You’re all I’m ever thinking about.

Whether you’re safe, hungry, or sad at a pout,

In one call, I’ll be there for you, no doubt.

Here’s something I’ll be saying a bit more.
Stick around, we have so much in store. 

You and I have this distinctive allure.

As a man, I’m here beside you, or in your corner; you’re the one I’m rooting for.


“Will You, For You” by Tyler Sorrell

Found myself alone in a room full of peers.

Talking to myself hoping everyone hears.

I’ve known them all for years,

Some only days.

They haven’t known me for months,

Since I’ve gone back to my ways.
I once turned a new leaf.

Just to make change for the rest.

That time has run up,

In myself I’ll invest.
I’ve looked around to see how familiar things have become,

It’s much more Foriegn here,

Since the day has begun.
I know who I am to manifest to,

The only question left is,

When will you?

For you. 


“Potential” written by Tyler Sorrell

Potential.That’s what I admire most in women.

More than less of what’s expected if their minds are open.

That’s what I see when you see me,

Drifting off into our dream that I would turn into reality.

It’s what keeps me here when I’m not there.

Even when you’re never here, I’m going no where.

When I met you, I saw life,

Not just an irreplaceably beautiful woman.
And that smile.

No matter how far it is,

I’ll walk every mile.